About Flying M Ranch: A Little History

Barbara Mitchell


Owned By
Bryce & Barbara Mitchell

Over one hundred twenty five years ago, weary travelers rested at Travelers Home, a hotel along the Trask Mountain Stagecoach route. This is the place the Mitchell family has called home since 1922.

The Flying M Ranch was born in 1970 out of a desire to work with family and make a living off the land.

In 1971, the original ranch lodge was completed with a rustic dining room, lounge, and museum.

In the early morning hours of January 3, 1983 the original lodge was destroyed by fire. Encouragement as well as physical and financial help from family and friends were forthcoming. They made it possible to rebuild a new lodge, which was completed and opened on January 19, 1985. Without them, we wouldn't be here today.

This valley was once filled with wheat fields where there is now timber. Stage coach lines and train tracks were where there are now roads.

There were communities such as Byersville, Chesterbrook, and Fairdale which provided families with a school, post office, dance hall, sawmills, hotel, and bath house. The bath house was called Fairdale Bryce MitchellMineral Springs Resort. The locals claimed that bathing in the mineral water cured everything.Our family has talked may trusting souls into tasting the mineral water. If you are ever offered a drink of this cure all, we suggest you say No Thank You!

The large lodge was sold in 2008. The Flying M Ranch now encompasses around 200 acres, 80 of which are atop Trask Mountain, the destination of all the overnight rides. The Mitchell family and crew operate the horse riding program, with overnight lodging available at the Red House Bed and Breakfast, ptesently 3 camping shacks, and many many different camping sites.

Welcome you and invite you to join them in enjoying the sights, sounds, and history of Oregon's early days. come by car or light plane! But call first so we can clear the runway: The Flying M Ranch is an open range area where the horses have right of way!